Bringing Markets to you!

Our Vision

Ever spoken to a retailer in unorganized business domains like fruits, crockery or clothing about how do they select and purchase stock for their shops? Stock selection and procurement is not as easy for them as a television retailer, who can complete the process in 5 minutes just with a phone call.

A retailer in an unorganized business domain like fruits has to leave his shop and travel to wholesale markets frequently, which may or may not be in same city, to select and procure stock. This involves scanning hundreds of shops, bargaining, managing handling and logistics all by themselves.

At SaralMarket, we aim to make this process as efficient for fruit retailers as it is for a television retailer.

Our Team


Deepam Prithyani


Loves delivering unique and purposeful experiences. IT Engineer, worked at Accenture. Has previous dhanda building experience with AD T-shirts while in college.


Sagar Thakkar

Accounts and Finance

Gujju Bhai. Has extensive experience of managing money for organisations. EXTC Engineer from Mumbai University, with 2 years of work experience at Reliance Jio.


Prashant Sarode

Operations & Business Development

Electrical Engineer from VJTI, Mumbai. Day-dreamer. MBA (Operations) guy. 3+ yrs. of work experience in manufacturing sector on various domains like project procurements, vendor developments, and process design. Passionate about new developments in supply chain.


Rahul More


MBA (Operations). Exotic fruits expert. First person to reach the market in the team, at 6am. Quick learner.


Jalal Kazi


MBA (Operations). Telecom Engineer. Quite person of the team, believes in less talk and more work. Football fanatic. Expert in building relationships with vendors.